Here at the SackRace we have a number of different authors who are all experts in their field and are here to provide you with all the very latest gossip and news from the managerial merry-go-round.

If you have a rumour regarding a pending sacking or a managerial appointment that you would like to see on the site, please contact us and we'll upload it (if we believe there's any truth in it!), or send us a message on Twitter @thesackrace.

Jack Kitson

Jack Kitson is an experienced sports journalist who has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience as the man at the helm of the popular Sack Race website. Jack meticulously tracks the success and scourges of gaffers in the gruelling game of managerial musical chairs, with his radar firmly set at the heart of the frantic, mind-boggling and all-encompassing world of football management. Jack’s insatiable appetite for this engrossing aspect of the football world makes him the Sack Race’s go-to-man.

Sean Raymond

Known to his mates and colleagues at the Sack Race as 'Mr Football' due to his extensive knowledge and useless facts about all things football in the UK and Europe, Sean Raymond is always the first pick for any pub quiz team and will be using his experience to update the Sack Race on a regular basis. Sean has also worked extensively in the sports news industry which means he has fantastic contacts and sources which will help him on all the breaking news stories which are so important to fans and punters.

Richard Smith

Having previously worked for two different football clubs (one a Premier League Club and the other a League One club) before moving in to the world of sports betting as a trader for a leading online bookmaker, Richard Smith, has plenty of experience, knowledge and contacts in the world of football and media. The Sack Race is the first site on which Robert has agreed to share his expert knowledge and opinions of the managerial merry-go-round and regularly updates the site whenever he hears any whispers, rumours or breaking news. His contacts at bookmakers mean that he is often privy to some great inside information on where the money is going on the next manager markets making him an ideal member of The Sack Race team.

Mick Bates

Hugely experienced in the world of Sports Writing, Mick Bates has agreed to move to the Sack Race to contribute his vast knowledge and experience to the beautiful cause of football management. Mick has an exhaustive list of contacts in the football world that we will be utilising on a regular basis to bring you the inside track on all the latest big stories, so whether its Bournemouth of Blackburn, Leyton Orient or Liverpool, Mick will be able to get the news to you better than anybody. Mick has his finger of the football pulse and he will be working him hard to make sure he gives you the benefit of his knowledge on all the big stories over the coming months.


Mark takes the overview of all that is happening in the football scene and as the elder statesman of the editorial team he ensures that the all the content is relevant and has substance. Mark is our Irish connection with many years experience of writing Internet content for many well known betting information websites and his opinion is always well considered and well respected amongst the Internet football community. From time to time The Sack Race will be awarding a manager with the honour of best manager and Mark will be taking opinions from a large base of views in the public domain as we believe there will be no better acknowledgement for any Football Manager than to receive this award.

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