Should Liverpool and Everton join forces as Merseyside FC?

by Andy Dillon / 02 October 2017, 10:03

THE ANSWER to anyone on the outside of football would seem simple enough.

One soccer-mad city split by two teams, one of which can’t defend, the other can’t score.

Why not merge them? It makes perfect sense.

It’s a hard notion to swallow for Liverpool and Everton fans and their managers this morning after yet another hair-tearing weekend of frustration.

But then Jurgen Klopp and Ronald Koeman have invited the pressure on themselves by failing to address the big issues facing their respective teams.

Klopp needs a defender and Koeman needs a striker.

Wonder if the two Merseyside clubs now regret voting to bring the transfer deadline forward to the eve of next season?

Imagine the same scenario - hope, optimism and expectation, plus a whole load of cash been spent on new players. The first few weeks of the season don’t go quite to plan but only this time there is absolutely nothing they can do about it because the shops were shut way back in early August.

The bigger worry of course is that Koeman in particular is now under immense pressure. More than £200 million spent while the transfer window was open but the goals are drying up in the Premier League, the real testing ground for his players.

Sunday’s 1-0 home defeat by Burnley is hard to take. It’s the fourth defeat in the last five league games.

Everton are hovering outside the bottom three. The bookies are rapidly shortening their odds on him getting the sack just a few weeks after splurging the biggest wad of cash on new players in the club’s history.

Click here the Premier League Sack Race

Club chairman Bill Kenwright thankfully is not the sacking sort. He’s old school and oozes calm, patience and intelligence with a sense of perspective.

Unfortunately, he is not the main man at Goodison Park anymore. That job belongs to 49.9 per cent stakeholder Farhad Moshiri. As yet a relatively unknown quantity in English football.

Waiting to see whether he boasts the same qualities as genial Kenwright is the most captivating aspect of Everton’s current tailspin.

For Klopp there is less immediate pressure. But the colourful German who plays to the Anfield crowd, chest-bumps his players when they celebrate goals and who likes to put down the press is facing some big questions.

22 goals scored but 20 conceded. Liverpool are wonderful to watch pouring forwards but the fans shield their eyes when they have to defend.

Klopp has two weeks now to sit and ponder how he toughens up at the back and cuts out the errors.

He could put extra men at the back with a more defensive formation but that may stop the goals or at least the chances from being scored and that’s a dilemma.

In reality, he has enough bodies to do the job very well - it’s a matter of concentration because the mistakes are down to his defenders taking their eye off the ball.

It’s the sort of problem which exists in the brain not the boots and makes it especially difficult to resolve.

Koeman actually has the easier issue because he at least knows he needs a striker, a physical embodiment of his attack to bring in goals.

Either that or both clubs get together and decided maybe the only hope is red shirts and blue shorts for Merseyside FC. Ouch.


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