Were trigger-happy Watford right to blame Marco Silva's sacking on Everton?

IF you live in a rainy country it’s wise to have an umbrella.

Everybody needs to protect themselves against the elements and it doesn’t half pour down in Watford.

When the club sacked manager Marco Silva on Sunday it was claimed by the owners that their coach had his head turned by the lure of Everton earlier in the season.

The Pozzo family who run Watford were aghast at Silva’s lack of commitment, they were upset that their coach had not come out publicly and told Everton to back off.

In their eyes, Silva should have stood up on his soapbox and nailed his colours alongside the Watford flag - and hoped for the best.

For Watford have had ten managers in six years since the trigger-happy Italians moved in.

Gianfranco Zola is the only coach to have lasted more than a calendar year since the Pozzo’s took over in 2012.

Is it any wonder Silva played the game and was a bit reluctant to put his faith in his superiors at Vicarage Road?

Watford Football Club is a shooting gallery for managers these days. So when another, and a bigger and more successful club comes sniffing, anyone in their right mind would be interested.

Putting your job prospects in the hands of the Pozzos is a risky business at a club where loyalty seems to be a one way street.

Marco Silva is an established name in English football nowadays. Whether he is any good is irrelevant. He took Hull City down and maybe he is not as good as he may think.

What next for Marco Silva

Even so, it is a lame excuse from Watford to try to point the finger of blame at another Premier League club for their own troubles.

Silva had a horrendous injury list over the winter.

Nathan Chalobah, Younes Kaboul, Will Hughes, Tom Celverley all crocked. Taking senior men like that out of the starting X1 would affect any team – let alone one that in brutal reality is mid-table at best.

Richarlison, the Brazilian winger who set the Premier League alight in the first weeks of the season, came to Watford thanks to a personal phone call from Silva. They spoke in Portuguese to smooth the deal through.

He hasn’t scored a goal since November so maybe he isn’t as good as well all thought either.

Discipline at Watford went out of the window just before Christmas with a rash of red cards. Perhaps Silva was losing control of his dressing room.

What it wasn’t was the interest from Everton causing Watford to start losing games they would have previously won.

Ask any leading business figure what you do if a job offer comes in and the industry-wide reply will be that you maximise the situation to your benefit.

Funnily enough Watford were happy to do that when they sold striker Odion Ighalo to Chinese Super League club Changchun Yatai for around £18 million profit.

Silva was only doing what all managers and players do when there is the chance to enhance your career, get a pay rise and move on up.

Watford’s owners would have been looked upon a lot more favourably had they simply come out and admitted they sacked Marco Silva because he wasn’t all he was cracked up to be – not blame a club 200 miles away for their own troubles.

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