Eusebio Di Francesco's future on a knife edge at Roma

"In England there was less pressure. If you do not play well it is normal that they criticise you. But criticism is part of the game, so you accept it," Roma striker Edin Dzeko told the Il Messaggero newspaper back in January 2017.

American owner James Pallotta may well be ready to be patient, seeing his appointment as one that needs time to bring the necessary results alongside his transfer wizard Monchi. However, the fans will not accept these kind of results, putting Pallotta under pressure to take action.

“Then listen to me. Learn from me,” said Oliver Reed’s character Proximo in the film Gladiator. “I wasn’t the best because I killed quickly. I was the best because the crowd loved me. Win the crowd. You will win your freedom.”

If Eusebio Di Francesco can win over the crowds in Rome, perhaps he too will win the freedom to extend his stay at Stadio Olimpico. But he will have to do it fast, with supporters already baying for blood.

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