Harry Kane is the gift that keeps on giving for Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino

MAURICIO POCHETTINO no doubt thanks God for the blessed gift in Harry Kane’s boots.

He should also praise the Lord for inheriting the last straight-laced hero left in football.

Kane’s 100th Premier League goal came amid spectacular circumstances at Liverpool last weekend - a controversial game overshadowed the boy scout of soccer reaching an admirable landmark.

This weekend Kane will lead out Tottenham against Arsenal with typical humility. He is a towering presence on a pitch in every sense and in terms of his personality.

There are no tattoos, there have been no scandals, no wayward behaviour off the field and he is married to his childhood sweetheart.

For Tottenham boss Pochettino, it is a dream come true. A rock star on the field who would happily get the bus home to his wife and kids once he has showered and changed after every game.

Compare that to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who has already been forced to deflect concerns about the character of his latest punt on a striker.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a self-confessed bad boy, with flash motors, a habit of agitating for big money moves and a penchant for bling.

At £55 million the Gabon international represents an unusual gamble for Wenger whether he can be the manager to tame a striker with undoubted qualities but questionable characteristics.

Kane wrote this week about his struggle to force himself into the reckoning and the determination required to make it in one of the toughest industries in the world.

Tottenham’s all-action hero opened up from within better than he has ever carved open any defence on a football pitch. His family, his battle to win over managers, the loneliness of being sent on loan.

Luckily for Pochettino those dark times had passed by the time he got the keys to White Hart Lane, opened up the store room and stumbled across an unpolished jewel of a player busting as gut for recognition.

All Pochettino had to do was unleash the beast, albeit the politest beast ever known to man.

There is not a manager in the world who wouldn’t want to walk into their training ground every day and find a Harry Kane doing up his boots. You would struggle to find a fan anywhere of any distinction who doesn’t admire him or want him in their team.

Pochettino takes little credit for the icon that Kane has become. In fact, it was the manager who asked the player for a selfie not so long ago after one of his budding star’s many hat tricks.

Kane is 24 and could quit Tottenham whenever he wanted and stroll to any club in the world and find an open door, even Real Madrid, such is his class at finishing and putting a ball into a net.

Yet there is a deep lying feeling that while fiercely ambitious Kane is deeply respectful of what Spurs and Pochettino have done for him.

It’s as if he is giving Pochettino every opportunity to get him to play for Tottenham for his entire career.

Whether that comes to pass or not will only fuel more and more debate over the coming months as Kane grows up alongside his relatively youthful manager and the pair share dreams of conquering football and winning trophies.

Within two years we will know but for this weekend Pochettino can stand in his technical area at Wembley and consider himself a very lucky man to have someone so boring in his team.

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