The sacking of David Moyes is a painful reminder of the failures of British bosses abroad

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 10 November 2015, 21:26

The Sun's Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) looks at the grim state of British football abroad following Real Sociedad's sacking of David Moyes.

David MoyesAND THEN there was one. The sacking of David Moyes as manager of Real Sociedad on Monday pretty much sounds the death knell for British bosses in Europe.

Moyes is probably at home in Preston now licking his wounds after lasting just less than a year in his job in sunny Spain.

And it leaves only Colin Todd as the sole surviving manager flying the flag on the Continent - with Danish club Randers.

So now it seems we do not produce decent players AND decent managers.

What is left of football in England?

It has become a cosmopolitan shooting gallery, where foreign players arrive off-the-peg by the plane load every summer and winter transfer window.

And where we could at least point to the most successful manager in the business in Alex Ferguson, even that proud boast is now dead. RIP.

We are importing managers at the same rate we import cars and fax machines, exporting only TV rights and the spectacle of watching non-British natives play a game unrecognisable to how it was pre-Premier League.

The clubs are controlled by non Dom owners and with teams managed by foreign coaches.

Football's doing nothing for the country's balance of payments.

Alan Pardew is the highest placed English boss in eighth place with Crystal Palace.

Fergie could have walked out of Old Trafford and into any club in the world had he chosen to do so.

Roy Hodgson managed in Italy and Switzerland before his eventual and debatable rise to become manager of England - but at least he was out there.

Moyes was a poor man's successor to him at the biggest club in this country but because of the higher demands and lower patience thresholds these days was not given time to prove himself before getting the bullet.

In an 'I'll show 'em' attempt to restore his reputation, the gritty Scotsman who kept Everton punching above their weight for years, tried his hand on the Iberian peninsula.

We all know by now that ginger hair and tartan blood doesn't mix with hot sun in Spain and Moyes would get his fingers burnt.

But in doing so it has now reduced the number of British bosses gainfully employed as a first team manager in the main arena of Europe to just Colin Todd - in Denmark.

Our home grown managers used to be the envy of the world, one or two of our players were too.

If we can't play and can't manage anymore what can we do?

As well as Colin Todd is former Clydebank and Rangers striker Bobby Williams who is manager of Kenya.

Anthony Hudson, son of former Chelsea star Alan, is manager of New Zealand. Essex boy and former Fulham striker Gary Smith is in charge of Atlanta Silverbacks - a second tier team in the USA; you get my drift.

England has become merely the main stage where the action takes place. We provide the lights, the cameras and the scenery movers in referees but that's about as much involvement as we are allowed.


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