Can Rodgers Be Trusted With 49m In Sterling

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 14 July 2015, 11:32

Brendan RodgersThe Sun's Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) takes his weekly look at the manager scene, with Brendan Rodgers under the spotlight....

THIS may sound like a silly question: but how would you like to have 49 million burning a hole in your pocket?

Go on, we've all played that game where you fantasise about what to do with all the cash if we ever won big on the lottery.

That's the position Brendan Rodgers finds himself in right now.

He's getting rid of rebel Raheem Sterling and pocketing one of the biggest transfer fees in football history along with it.

As a Liverpool fan, under normal circumstances you would be delighted.

But given Rodgers's recent record in the transfer market, the celebrations will be tinged with a large slice of concern.

The bad apple has gone from the Liverpool dressing room but Rodgers's big job now is to restock his larder with decent replacements.

And up to now he has mainly brought a load of plums to add to the frustration of Liverpool in the modern era.

Last season he spent more than £100m. And you'll be hard pressed to find anyone of the seven senior players he has signed who have increased in value since.

Step forwards Mario Balotelli. He cost £16m up front not to mention wages. Twenty eight appearances and four goals later he is a laughing stock.

Lazar Markovitch set Liverpool back £20million and insiders at Anfield say that if he is still with them at the start of next season it will be only because they cannot get shot of him.

Adam Lallana has had his battles with injury but even he admits that at £25m he has been what the tabloids often refer to as a 'flop'.

His one time Southampton team mate and centre half Dejan Lovren is another who went to Anfield in a fanfare and has since been hiding in the shadows, unable to make an impact.

Rickie Lambert, A£erto Moreno, Emre Can; okay squad players but can they turn a season around? Thought not.

These are testing times for Rodgers. He is under scrutiny like never before.

The owners of the club have backed him with cash to sign Nathan Clyne for a further £12.5m investment but then the disappearance of his backroom staff has added to the air of uncertainty around him.

Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke is a long-time target but does this battering ram of a Belgian striker who is known for inconsistency really the answer?

The recall of promising striker Divock Origi from his loan at Lille will be a useful addition but nothing else.

And even this promising young kid has suffered from the Anfield jinx. French newspapers named him in the 'worst team of Ligue 1' last season after his £10m deal to Liverpool was confirmed.

Rodgers needs to work fast, work hard and work well in the transfer market this summer.

The axing of coaches Mike Marsh and Colin Pascoe are ominous suggestions that the next bullet has his name on it.

Now consider this. If you were down to your last £49 million and had to risk it all on one throw of the dice, who would you trust more, Brendan Rodgers or the man who groomed him for management at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho?

Spending money is easy but spending it well is one of the most difficult choices in life.

Sterling is gone from Liverpool but Rodgers might not be far behind him unless he can use this £49million to save his team from obscurity and in turn save himself.


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