Can Burnley boss Sean Dyche stop the Man City juggernaut?

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 16 October 2017, 09:21

JOSE MOURINHO once raised a few eyebrows when he claimed there is more pressure managing in Spain than in the Premier League.

After all, in La Liga it is pretty much the toss of a coin each year whether Barcelona or Mourinho’s old team Real Madrid are handed the league title.

But that was precisely Mourinho’s point. As manager of Chelsea at the time he suggested the lack of shock results in Spain have an interesting side effect on whoever is managing the big two. He said:

“In England if you lose a game you shouldn’t it is not so bad because you know it will happen to one of your rivals soon. In Spain if you lose to a small team you know you will have to wait much longer for it to happen to them.”

Well, hallelujah for us then.

While Mourinho’s theory is not quite 100 per cent bang on this year, it is refreshing that we can look back on a weekend when two of the big guns in the Premier League have taken big knocks.

Antonio Conte and Arsene Wenger have that feeling today that money can’t buy. They’ve been well and truly done over, mugged, embarrassed.

The egos are bruised, the paranoid questioning of their tactics is whirling in their brains, the rest of the world whips up a defeat into a full blown crisis. And there is nothing either man can do about it.

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Well played 70-year-old Roy Hodgson for bringing down the reigning champions and modest Marco Silva for putting right on the chin of Arsenal.

All we need now is someone to do it to Mourinho at Manchester United but more importantly Manchester City.

Step forward Sean Dyche.

If any manager and any team is capable of stopping the sky blue juggernaut in its tracks it is Burnley. And for the sake of competitive spirit in our national game we must all become Burnley fans this weekend.

At present, City are simply whacking every team over the head with their huge bankroll and it is hurting.

Nine wins in a row now and only four goals conceded. There’s a real danger City are going to buy the league for £300 million this season and nobody is going to be able to do a thing about it.

Claims that City boss Pep Guardiola finally has his tactics right, or that he has learned how to deal with English football’s relentless calendar are mere side issues.

The basic fact is that City have spent an absolute fortune on brilliant players and the investment is paying off for them.

It’s not a good advert for the Premier League when one team is able to sweep everyone else aside with such ease. The self-appointed ‘best league’ in the world becomes like a one-sided kids Sunday match in a park.

Which was the best game of the weekend? City’s 7-2 hammering of Stoke? No.

It’s a toss up between Chelsea coming unstuck at bottom club Crystal Palace and Arsenal being sunk amid the traditional complaints by Watford.

That’s why we and Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore need managers like Sean Dyche to even things up once in a while.

A 7-2 win for Manchester City might be fun for the armchair viewers in Singapore, China and India now making up a sizeable slice of the revenue cake for football.

But for those of us over here and those of us who actually go to games it’s the worst thing possible.



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