Come And Have A Go If You Think You're Guard Enough

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 17 December 2015, 09:49

Pep GuardiolaThis week The Sun's Andy Dillion (@andydillon70) argues that Bayern Munich boss, Pep Guardiola, still has an awful lot to prove in the managerial arena.

PEP GUARDIOLA is about to find out whether he really is up to it as a manager.

The decision to leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season will prompt a mad scramble for his services come next summer with English clubs leading the way.

Chelsea, Manchester City, maybe even Manchester United won't be able to resist having a dabble at trying to sign the most sought after coach in the world.

Top clubs in Italy will also be in the race as no doubt will the mega-rich oil barons at Paris St.Germain.

But there really is only one destination for him to prove that he really can cut it among the managerial elite and that is the Premier League.

At 41 Guardiola has the charisma, the charm, the character to work anywhere in the world but does he have the credentials yet to be ranked up there with the likes of Jose Mourinho, Rafa Benitez, Carlo Ancelotti or Arsene Wenger?

His CV is hardly bristling with past experience.

He managed Barcelona 'B' and then Barcelona after a lengthy career at the Catalans.

And let's face it, every August in the Spanish league they toss a coin over whether to hand the title to Barca or Real Madrid.

Mourinho, under huge pressure at Chelsea, has said as much having been boss at Madrid himself.

He does say you cannot afford to lose a game in Spain because defeat is so rare that you cannot rely on your only rival slipping up - unlike in England where we are currently seeing football's equivalent to Climate Change with the weirdest results turning up every week.

Mourinho is currently a point off the bottom three and under huge pressure.

Incidentally, Guardiola's decision to leave Munich in May has made Mourinho a little bit safer in his job for now at least as Blues owner Roman Abramovich starts plotting to change manager in the summer instead of immediately.

Three Spanish 'La Liga' titles for Guardiola is impressive but there is a cupboard full of those at the Nou Camp.

Mourinho says you can win The Champions League by getting lucky - but not the Premier League. That is what we hope to find out.

At Bayern Munich it is even more of a monopoly. Twenty five Bundesliga titles. Pep has won two which makes him a mere dot in the history books of the German giants.

Not so much a walkover as a rollover year after year.

Let's be honest Guardiola has had some cushy jobs with big transfer budgets up to now.

Coming to England would be a huge test for him.

All the money in the world guarantees you only one thing over here - aggro. Ruthless expectation to win every week. But opposition who don't quite get the script.

Manuel Pellegrini has admitted he is up against the wall because at City you cannot afford to go two seasons without winning the league - and Chelsea won it last season.

The previous dominance of Manchester United and at one time Arsenal has been officially declared dead.

Throw in City, a resurgent Tottenham, a remarkable Leicester City and a born-again Liverpool and you have an explosive cocktail of clubs looking for big prizes.

There are only four places for English teams in the Champions League every season and yet there are six, possibly even seven genuine contenders if you throw in dark horses Everton.

Guardiola has had it easy up to now.

If he decides to come and try his luck in Blighty he will find island life not quite as cosy as it looks in the brochure.


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