Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger reveals his biggest managerial mistake

Jack Kitson by Jack Kitson / 18 July 2018, 08:50

It’s all been fairly quiet on the Arsene Wenger front in recent weeks, but in an open interview with Radio radio outlet RTL the former Arsenal manager revealed his biggest mistake in management.

Wenger, who was replaced by Unai Emery in May, spent a gargantuan 22-year tenure at his beloved Arsenal, but when asked what the biggest regret of his career was, he said:

"Perhaps staying at the same club for 22 years.

"I am someone who likes to move around a lot, but I also like a challenge. I've been a prisoner of my own challenge at times."

Wenger, who won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups, spoke about his obsessive pursuit of success, the sacrifices he made, and how he’d regrettably neglected his friends and family in the process.

The Frenchman was also asked if two of his former star players have a bright future ahead of them in management, to which he replied:

“Often, I'm asked if Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira will be good managers and I always answer 'yes'.

“They have all the qualities; they're intelligent, they know football, they have excellent skill set, but do they want to sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed. It's an obsession which bounces around your head day and night.

“You wake up at 3am thinking about team selection, tactics, formation…”

Everyone is desperate to know the next managerial move for Wenger, although in typical Wenger style he kept his cards close to his chest:

“I'm asking myself the same question! Do I keep doing what I've been doing, what I know.”

Although he did reveal that he previously turned down France, who are currently rejoicing in their 2018 World Cup win under Didier Deschamps, and he hinted that the international arena is perhaps not for him.

"It is a question I've been asking myself, if I should become a national team manager. A national team manager takes charge of ten games per year. In a club, you take charge of 60. My drug is the next match, so…"


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