Jose Mourinho likely to change his tune on the incoming diving ban

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 19 May 2017, 11:44

ENGLISH football will be hearing a lot more from Jose Mourinho next season.

Manchester United’s boss has never shied away from lecturing, pontificating and slagging off his peers in the game. But by his colourful standards it has been a relatively quiet year.

But with The FA announcement that the heinous crime of diving is to be met with a retrospective two game ban, things are about to start getting noisy again.

Go back to 2013 when he was in charge of Chelsea and an incident between his striker Fernando Torres and Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen.

Mourinho suddenly got all moral and ripped into the Spurs man for playacting to get Torres sent off.

Furious Mourinho said:

“The player looked like he needed to go to hospital with a broken bone but you see the replays and there is nothing.”

A few weeks later, The Special One put the boot in again:

“If the authorities do nothing about it then next week people will do it again.”

Agreed, unanimously. Which by the way is what the three man panel at The FA will have to be when deciding if a player has hit the deck on purpose to con the ref.

It’s great that Mourinho feels this way about the dark art of diving but the tricky part is that he has one young player in his ranks who has already shown an appetite for simulation this season.

Jose Mourinho

Striker Marcus Rashford is incredibly gifted, deserving of more game time to develop his skills for club and country.

But Swansea boss Paul Clement just about held himself back from calling him a cheat when the young English striker went down to win a penalty only last month.

Rashford is old enough to know better but maybe also young enough to learn.

Young being the operative word because when we get to Ashley Young we have a past master in ducking and diving. He should have a BAFTA to go with his medals at home.

His con-trickery is so famous that fans of a rival club even pieced together their ‘top five’ Ashley Young dives’ on their own TV channel.

But let’s see what happens if but more probably when Young becomes one of those condemned by the three wise men at The FA - the dive spotters who will be waiting with great anticipation to claim their first victim.

Mourinho loves nothing more than a siege mentality at his clubs. He thrives on fighting the world even when everyone, including him, knows the rest of the world is right.

When that first two game ban impacts on Manchester United all hell will be let loose.

Mourinho will dust off the conspiracy theory, the witch-hunt, the victimisation arguments in a wall of whinging. He will be back to his hypocritical best, hopefully.

This is the man who was clobbered by the authorities for being sarcastic after all.

When Mourinho was at Chelsea and the club was pondering a temporary move to Wembley while Stamford Bridge is redeveloped, the joke in the corridors of power was that it would be good to have him so close to the disciplinary committee meeting rooms - it would save him a fortune in taxi fares as he was there so often.

Mourinho is brilliant at getting involved in arguments and debates that don’t really affect him. He moans, complains and gripes about everything - this two game ban for diving will be the next big thing for him to bitch about - and we love him for it.


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