Out Foxed???

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 01 July 2015, 19:10

Nigel Pearson Latest recruit to the Sack Race squad, the Sun's Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) gives his views on Leicester's sacking of Nigel Pearson.

NIGEL PEARSON'S surprise sacking on Tuesday night makes it technically the final managerial change of last season.

All football contracts run until June 30 and Leicester made it the worst decision of their turbulent campaign by just four and a half hours as he was given the chop at 7.30pm.

Yet there was never going to be a good time to get rid of the man who dragged a woefully underperforming team up by its bootlaces and off the bottom of the Premier League to safety with a week to spare.

The decision by the club's Thai owners has been widely linked to the behaviour of Pearson's son and former Foxes defender James on a 'goodwill' tour of their homeland.

Dragging the chairman's reputation through the mud on a 'goodwill' tour of Thailand while the rest of the club is still on a high from top flight survival is a soccer suicide note.

Passing round a grubby video tape of you and your mates engaging in X-rated behaviour and using racist language is inexcusable.

But why does his dad have to pay the price for that?

If you have a son, would you think it fair if you lost your job because of something he did, however outrageous? Thought not.

If that's the case then Luis Suarez's dad should be unemployable.

This suggests that there is more to it than that. Perhaps Pearson has done what every father would do and compromised himself by trying to defend the indefensible - giving his bosses a positive character assessment of his lad while privately shaking his head in disbelief at what's gone on.

He wouldn't be the first or last dad to do that.

The rucks with fans earlier in the season clearly have added to the air of tension at City.

This underlines the common feeling among managers these days that they are third in the pecking order at their clubs, a long way behind the players and the supporters.

The problem now of course is who takes over? It has to be someone who is prepared to be a verbal punch bag for the punters when things aren't going well, a bloke who doesn't try to stick up for his own flesh and blood and of course keeps Leicester in The Premier League.

There is one man who springs to mind and that is Sam Allardyce -formerly of West Ham United.

He took The Hammers from The Championship to 12th in the Premier League in four seasons and brought in some of the most exciting signings in years.

Big Sam is a specialist in staying up but even more importantly has a hide like an elephant. After being sacked by Blackpool for missing out on promotion to the old Division One in 1996 by a point he is ready for anything.

Allardyce, 60, put up with bucket loads of abuse from West Ham fans from the moment he walked through the gates of Upton Park. He also kept his counsel while dealing with West Ham's owners who lost faith in him at Christmas.

The trouble is that Allardyce is enjoying himself too much at the moment. He is on an extended holiday in Portugal and while Leicester looks a perfect fit it would be almost as difficult as staying up itself to persuade him to come home.

Former Leicester skipper Neil Lennon is the next best and a more likely shout. He has proven his credentials with Celtic and showed strength of character by taking a leap of faith in quitting and then joining Bolton Wanderers - steering the club to safety in The Championship.

Desperately ambitious Lennon was in with a shout for jobs at Fulham and West Brom. The chance to manage his old club in the English top flight could prove too tempting to turn down.

And even better, his kids live miles away in Scotland.

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