What next for Juventus manager Max Allegri: Chelsea, Real Madrid, or Man Utd?

Chloe Beresford by Chloe Beresford / 01 March 2019, 14:48

There is absolutely no doubt about Juventus boss Max Allegri’s domestic record, having won league-and-cup doubles in Italy for the last four consecutive seasons since arriving from AC Milan in 2014/15.

The tactician also reached the Champions League final in two of those four years, making him one of the most highly regarding Coaches in Europe.

Having reportedly rejected offers from both Real Madrid and Chelsea in the summer, Allegri’s loyalty was rewarded when the Bianconeri invested in Cristiano Ronaldo, the ultimate weapon in an already well-stocked arsenal.

Yet with this purchase came great responsibility as – already so dominant on the peninsula – it became clear that the club’s most pressing ambition was to win the Champions League before Ronaldo’s age started to effectuate a decline in performance.

Juve have been more commanding than ever in Serie A this year, and remain unbeaten as another page on the calendar is turned over into March.

However, behind their incredible stats is a story of appearances that can be described as average at best, including a disorganised and truly dreadful display that lay behind a 1-0 win over Bologna last weekend.


That followed a shockingly uncharacteristic non-performance versus Atletico Madrid as the all-important Champions League knockout stages began, the 2-0 scoreline leaving the Old Lady with a mountain to climb in the second leg.

It seemed like merely going through the motions in domestic action had left this side dishevelled when it really mattered, and there was really only one man responsible for that.

“It might be a disaster in the second leg, but I doubt it,” a bullish Allegri told Sky Italia after the aforementioned match with Bologna.

“I am optimistic and have faith we can turn this around.”

Whether or not they manage to do so, it’s pretty clear that the boss’ cycle at Juve will have reached its conclusion by the end of this season.

The powers that be in Turin simply cannot waste another year of Ronaldo if Allegri fails to mastermind a Champions League win this season, and if he does pull off this increasingly unlikely feat it will be time for a new challenge for him.

“I already told him a few years ago to go to the Premier League,” the boss’ mentor Giovanni Galeone told Radio Kiss Kiss recently.

“I don’t think he can go anywhere else in Italy. Beyond how his adventure goes in the Champions League, I think his time at Juve is over.”

The Italian Coach has made no secret of the fact he would like to try his hand at management in England, so what next for him in the summer?

Of course Chelsea are still not convinced by Maurizio Sarri, and a move for the current Juve boss would bring about quicker results for those that are not willing to wait for his Italian counterpart to impart his precise system in the Premier League.

Real Madrid remains another viable option, while Manchester United have still not confirmed their position for next season.

Meanwhile, the clear front-runner to take over at Juve is Zinedine Zidane. A former Bianconeri player, the Frenchman is already well-acquainted with the environment in Turin, and of course as the winner of the last three editions of the Champions League is the ideal candidate for a club with a very clearly stated aim.

To criticise Max Allegri at the moment is akin to having First World Problems, as he has brought unprecedented success to an already heavily decorated side.

However, Juve’s obsession with the Champions League just might mean that an English side end up with a man who is a genuine winner and a highly intelligent Coach, one that will would relish a tactical battle with the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola.

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