Arsene Wenger turns to text to persuade Alexis Sanchez to stay at Arsenal

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 20 July 2017, 10:06

IT’S difficult to work out which is the more remarkable.

That fact that Arsene Wenger believes he can keep Alexis Sanchez happy to stay at Arsenal. Or the fact the 67 year-old Frenchman has been sweet talking the deeply frustrated Chilean by text.

Wenger revealed he had communicated with his unsettled striker via the medium of phone messaging. LOL.

But whenever I hear of anyone over the age of 65 shakily stepping into the world of 21st century technology it reminds me of my dad.

My old man is now 81 but not that many years ago he boasted down the phone that he and my mum were going to splash out on a DVD player.

Some weeks later I returned to the subject in conversation and asked if he had bought one. It took two attempts because he is stone deaf.

I watched his expression grow more and more confused, the pause only adding to the hushed expectancy, before he apologetically confessed: ‘I don’t know.”

That’s what happens when old people try to embrace the new world.

It really should become law that upon reaching your 65th birthday, you are immediately banned from trying to do anything new or anything that involves pressing a button or putting a plug in a wall - unless it is for a pacemaker of course.

Whether it turns out to be a successful exercise by Wenger remains to be seen. The only way Sanchez could possibly be persuaded to stay at Arsenal is by the lure of a free transfer at the end of next season.

In which case, this brilliant footballer will be spending the next few months up until January playing as he always does, with guile, supreme strength and an incredible will-to-win which is sadly lacking in many of his team-mates.

Arsene Wenger

However, from January his mind will be far away - dreaming of the big European cities where he will be soon playing Champions League football and earning super-bucks.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Sanchez will be receiving plenty of text messages from other managers then. LMAO.

The issue is that Sanchez is Wenger’s player. There is no need to text.

Most of us know that however unhappy we are, when the boss rings or calls us in for a meeting: we go.

Electronic communication is pretty impersonal. If you want someone to feel wanted then sometimes the old-fashioned way is the best and most effective means.

Next thing you know, Wenger will post a video on Instagram or snapchat, performing a dance routine

Wenger should just sit the boy down and look him in the eye.

Wenger’s most impressive facet is that deep, gravelly voice that exudes experience and reassurance.

Never met a journalist yet who hasn’t dismissed Wenger as a tired old has-been only to emerge from a five minute briefing with the imposing Frenchman drooling and with jelly legs having been totally won over.

Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways. Just as with Twitter and other forms of social media, human beings say things they don’t always mean on text then live to regret it - just as Antonio Conte over at Chelsea.

Wenger needs a face-to-face talk with Sanchez and get a man-to-man decision one way or the other.

For all he knows, while Arsenal’s manager tells us third hand that he is confident of keeping his best player, Sanchez is texting anyone who cares to read it: IOH: I’m Outta Here.


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