Wenger Wishing For A 'Conman' Of His Own

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 21 September 2015, 14:43

Arsene WengerThe Sun's Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) suggests Arsene Wenger's faux outrage has done a good job of deflecting attention away from Arsenal's failure to beat Chelsea on Saturday....

HAVE A READ of the following quotation and have a long, hard think: "It is difficult to avoid this kind of behaviour when you are sometimes pushed to react."

It is Arsene Wenger the Arsenal manager, but it isn't a fresh line and it certainly is not in defence of his defender Gabriel, who was sent off against Chelsea on Saturday.

Nope, this was Wenger trying to put a gloss on former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira after the Frenchman was banned for SIX games in an incredible outburst at West Ham way back in 1999.

Vieira was sent off for SPITTING at West Ham defender Neil Ruddock - for that he got a four match ban.

Another two came his way for abusing a policeman in the players' tunnel at Upton Park as he was dragged, kicking, screaming and gobbing off the pitch.

Foul-mouthed Vieira was also handed a £45,000 fine to boot.

The incident between Gabriel and Chelsea striker Diego Costa doesn't come close to rivalling the explosive bust up between Vieira and Ruddock way back.

But it does go to show that while Wenger is no stranger to having to defend the indefensible and maybe casting Costa a 'conman' is just a little trick in deflecting the flak.

It has worked perfectly. Arsenal flunk their best chance in years to break the damned Chelsea hoodoo that hangs over them.

Yet instead of picking over Arsenal's failings, everyone is joining the throng condemning Costa and forgetting that The Gunners have lost to Chelsea AGAIN.

And that it has come just a few weeks after Wenger saw light at the end of the tunnel when he managed a 1-0 win over the Premier League champions in the Community Shield.

But sure as eggs is eggs when it came down to the important stuff it was Chelsea who came out on top.

It was Wenger's nemesis and Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho who emerged with a load flak being hurled at his players by Arsenal and the media, but with three precious points.

A precious win even if Arsenal have performed much better than they did on the pitch at Stamford Bridge and have claimed the moral high ground.

Vieira was a huge asset to Arsenal as the midfielder who led the famous 'invincibles' unbeaten through the 2003/4 season to the title - ironically, the last time they did win it.

But it wasn't without cost as during his Premier League career, hotheaded Frenchman Vieira amassed eight red cards.

Viera was also sent off for a foul on former Chelsea defender Graeme Le Saux in the 1998 League Cup semi final.

He had countless run ins with Roy Keane of Manchester United. And while greatly admired for his doubtless skill and contribution to the Arsenal team, Vieira was revered at Highbury and reviled at almost every other club.

That surely sounds familiar to anyone watching the Costa story unfolding. Arsene Wenger won't admit it but he'd love to have the super-charged Spaniard leading his frontline and charging at opposition defenders like a raging bull.

Who would you rather have, Costa or Olivier Giroud as your main man up front?

After all, wasn't it Wenger who made a cheeky bid to sign human vampire Louis Suarez?

Doesn't that tell you really how outraged he is at the actions of Costa?


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