Knives sharpening for Everton boss Ronald Koeman

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 23 October 2017, 11:24

RONALD KOEMAN faces some tough questioning from Everton’s board of directors and the fans this week after the latest humiliation.

A 5-2 home defeat by Arsenal and the knives are sharpening for the manager who has spent around £150 million of his club’s money to sit third from bottom in the Premier League.

And in a quiet moment Koeman should take a long, hard look at the table to see just how bad things have become for him.

He is performing so badly this season that he is down among the British managers.

The bottom four of our elite league is made up of three ‘home-grown’ managers plus Dutchman Koeman. 

It’s a well known fact that the British bosses only get the dross these days in a swollen league where foreign is considered best.

Below Koeman is 70 year-old Roy Hodgson trying to recapture the energy of youth and dig Crystal Palace out of a hole at the bottom.

Above him is Eddie Howe, doing his best at Bournemouth, where the tail wind of team spirit and euphoria of recent promotions is beginning to get found out by the overwhelming force of wealth despite victory on Saturday.

Then there is Koeman presiding over a shambolic Everton team which has eight points from nine games and a goal difference of minus 11.

In 17th place sit Stoke and Welshman Mark Hughes whose team was booed off on Saturday after a home defeat by Leicester.

How embarrassing in the modern age that a foreign manager should find himself down among the bottom-feeders flying the ragged old Union Jack which looks way past its sell-by-date in an industry obsessed with everything from abroad.

Koeman has spent lots of money and none too wisely if results are anything to go by and more than ever we are told football is a results business.

The lack of a replacement for Romelu Lukaku is painfully obvious. The absence of Ross Barkley is a festering sore and not one that is going to be healed.

If you were Barkley, still not played a match this season, nursing that sore hamstring, wouldn’t you just drag it out a little longer?

Would you be in a hurry to rejoin your team-mates on that slow, painful spiral downhill? No, thought not.

Particularly when Tottenham, the up and coming team of the moment, is sitting and waiting, ready to rejuvenate your career in January.

Koeman has bought players all over the pitch during his summer splurge but failed to get the outlet the team needs up front. 

Olivier Giroud, a target for Koeman a few months back, must surely have preferred sitting on the visitors’ bench at Goodison Park on Sunday, hugely relieved he didn’t take up the offer to jump ship to one from one that is listing slightly to one that is sinking fast.

This is the problem Koeman has landed Everton in now. Come January when the transfer market reopens briefly, only the desperate and the foolish clubs spend big.

Everton look desperate now and as a result will struggle to recruit the kind of players they need to get them out of serious bother.

Any player giving a second thought to signing on for a frantic battle to climb away from the bottom three will know that. And in return they will want a lot of money as insurance . 

A blip at the start of the season is tolerable but a full blown rut sends out messages which attracts vultures waiting to see the death of a big beast like Everton FC.

Koeman’s position is looking shakier with every week, so much so that he is down in the graveyard of the Premier League alongside the haunted faces of the British managers and considered ‘one of our own’ in a most unpalatable way.


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