Mauricio Pochettino is the manager of the moment at in-form Tottenham

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 24 November 2015, 10:00

Mauricio PochettinoThe Sun's Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) looks at the qualities of Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino who is very much the manager of the moment following his side's superb form of late.

FROM farming to football Mauricio Pochettino's philosophy is starting to bear fruit.

The Argentine manager has turned around the lumbering giant of Tottenham and has created a buzz around White Hart Lane which hasn't been heard for some years.

But talk to insiders at the club and it emerges that Pochettino approaches his work in a different way to the accepted method of whipping a bunch of footballers into a team.

Sunday's destruction of West Ham has made the boyish-looking head coach at Spurs the most talked about manager in the English game.

Just like the boss' outward persona, Tottenham have quietly moved up on the rails this season, slowly gathering steam and momentum.

Everyone now wants to know what the secret is. How has Pochettino been able to galvanise his squad into a formidable and at present unstoppable force?

The answer is cuddles.

When the cameras are off and the notebooks stashed away, Pochettino shows his true colours.

Talk to people at White Hart Lane and they tell you that their softly-spoken, frustratingly modest manager embraces life every day and in every aspect.

For example, he takes his team to Azerbaijan tomorrow where Spurs face FC Qarabag in the Europa League.

It is Pochettino's wish that the hardy journalists who make the trip along with him and his team are rewarded for their loyalty by taking them out to lunch.

The thinking is that anyone who goes to such a far flung place to cover his team deserves a free meal.

In expensive text books they call that man-management, most other people call it the rules of life. Treat others how you would wish to be treated.

Pochettino's upbringing as the son of a farm labourer plays a big part in his style of management.

Hard work - this Tottenham team is the fittest for years we are told - honest toil and no egos.

Down to earth, humility and respect are key ingredients to being a success under him. Family plays almost as big a part as technique under Pochettino too.

He takes a genuine interest in his players' lives, he gives them hugs, he back slaps and pats them. I am told he is 'touchy-feely'.

That may sound like the last thing that would impress a hairy, success-hungry, tattooed footballer but it is working. And for the record striker Harry Kane has already said he won't be joining the ink-stained body among his peers.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is reputed to be the best in the business at getting the best out of his players.

Mention his name in comparison to Pochettino and people at Tottenham bristle. There is one key difference they say: Poch does not want to fight the world. He loves the world and as a result the world loves him.

The dressing room is the most united it has been for ten years, noone is allowed to get carried away with recent success and in return the players are treated like adults.

When it comes to micro-management Pochettino works tirelessly just like his father did on the farm back in Argentina during his childhood.

He wants to buy quality players but is also willing to give his existing ones a chance. For example, Pochettino tried to sign Victor Wanyama from Southampton. He also had a second choice, that failed to materialise too.

But instead of just trawling down to fourth, fifth or even sixth choice - he ripped up his shopping list and instead decided to transform Eric Dier.

A centre half who is now an England midfielder - one of three young Spurs players who started the last international match against France.

Dier was played in a holding midfield role in three secretive behind-closed-doors games in the summer to fine tune him to a new role and hey presto! A star is born.

Pochettino is young enough at 43 to be in touch with his players yet there is enough distance to maintain his image as the guv'nor.

Tottenham have made a few duff signings in recent seasons but signing humble Pochettino could be the best one ever - whisper it quietly though. He would.


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