Should Manchester United Sack Jose Mourinho?

Jack Kitson by Jack Kitson / 28 August 2018, 11:05

Back in 2007/08 Jose Mourinho became the first victim of the Premier League Sack Race after he was ejected from his post at Chelsea. Now, 11 years later, he could well experience the same fate at Manchester United.

Should he be sacked, or should the Red Devils keep the faith in their beleaguered boss? We take a look below.


Although, there’s every chance he could walk before he’s pushed!

First of all let’s look at the statistics, which are particularly damaging:

- Mourinho’s worst ever home defeat

- First time he’s lost 2 of his opening three league games

- Man Utd’s worst start since 1992/93 

- United are already 6 points adrift of top spot, and only 2 above the drop zone

Mourinho, in that dreaded third season, is now the evens favourite for the sack, 1/2 not to see out the season, and 11/8 to fail to make it to Christmas.

The way he clapped the remaining United fans at the end of the Tottenham defeat could be interpreted as a goodbye, while his latest press conference antics show the pressure has got to him, although he could well be using that as a smokescreen to distract from his side’s latest defeat.

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However, there’s no escaping from the fact that United look way off the pace compared to many of their rivals. Their defence is all over the shop, conceding six goals in the last week, while key players are underperforming.

United need a manager who can come in and rejuvenate both the players and support, and in the process wipe away the avalanche of negativity that is currently engulfing the club.


The furore and frenzied focus on Mourinho is both excessive and extreme - would any other manager suffer this sort of bedevilment?

We’re only three games into the new season and there’s still a plethora of points to be won from 35 matches - let’s not forget that the last time United lost two of their opening three games, they went on to win the Premier League (1992/93).

Mourinho may have come across as egotistical in his post-match press conference but he is correct, he has won more Premier League titles than the other 19 managers combined.

He deserves the chance to attempt to ride out the storm and bounce back in his next handful of league games against Burnley, Watford, Wolves, West Ham and Newcastle.

Meanwhile, a lack of high quality candidates could well see United hold tight for now. There’s obvious star quality in Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte, however there’s no guarantee that Zidane’s success at Real Madrid could be transferred over to a different club, in a different situation, in a different league, whereas Conte’s falling out with Chelsea players and the hierarchy is likely to count against him.

Mauricio Pochettino would no doubt be the first choice, however there’s no chance he’s leaving Tottenham, for now anyway.


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