Sam Allardyce Fallout: Money the root of all evil in the modern game

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 29 September 2016, 09:19

The disgraced Sam Allardyce continues to dominate the front and back pages following his sacking by the FA. In his latest column The Sun's Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) looks at the fallout of the Allardyce's scandal, and how he's paid the ultimate price for his greed.

SAM ALLARDYCE is walking away from England with more than a £1 million payoff.

In 30 years’ time our scandalised ex-national football team manager’s legacy will be a pub quiz question.

Who is the most successful England boss of all time?

With a 100 per cent win ratio nobody else will get near Big Sam’s brief but flawless reign one played one, won one.

Maybe not much of an honour to cling to at the moment as dethroned Allardyce contemplates his future poolside at his luxury Spanish villa. But it’s something surely?

Yet it takes us nicely back to the words of former England captain Alan Shearer that England is the laughing stock of world football in the wake of Allardyce’s underhand activities.

All that Allardyce has done then is to restore our place as the joke team on the international stage.

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Just four months ago the whole world was ridiculing the pathetic performance at Euro 2016. And only a couple of years before that the disaster of the World Cup in Brazil.

Remember Sven Goran Eriksson and the fake sheikh? How the slippery Swede offered to quit as England boss, take over Aston Villa and ‘tap up’ David Beckham?

Dodgy dealing is as traditional as the team turning up to a major tournament pumped full of self-importance and hysteria only to spectacularly implode.

England have been a laughing stock for years and will be for a long time yet until the talent pool for future managers and playing talent gets deeper.

Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe is among the frontrunners to take over. Great coach, good man-manager, good looking bloke!

Yet less than two seasons after uprooting from the South Coast to boss Burnley he was homesick and back.

If he couldn’t handle moving 290 miles from Bournemouth how on earth will he cope at the World Cup finals in Russia?

Admittedly it will only be for a couple of weeks until the group stage is over but even so….

As expected money is being fingered as the root of all evil in the modern game and it is pretty much correct.

Allardyce was paid £3m a year by The FA but the old saying about cash is that ‘it goes to the greedy and not the needy’.

£5 BILLION TV deals, mega kit sponsorships, corporate sponsors, image rights, the list of highly lucrative income streams increases and so does the grasping and the want for more wonga.

Stripping back football to the pre-Premiership days wouldn’t stop the under-the-counter bungs and bribes.

If anything, if players and coaches were not earning the millions they do at present, it would probably fuel football’s black economy.

However, there is one fundamental difference.

If the manager of your town’s local team, or its captain lived in the posh house with the porch in the cul-de-sac at the top of the hill instead of a gated mansion that would make them more accountable.

Anyone caught dipping their fingers in the till would have to face the very people they had been fleecing because they live next door to most of them, not safely squirreled away behind electronic gates and high fences.

Looking your paying customers in the eye while queueing up in the butcher’s shop, or sharing a pint with them in the local is a great reality check.

Letting down the kids who deliver your papers or wash your car could be a better policing policy than probes, investigations and inquiries long after the fact. It couldn’t be any worse.

Much was made of Allardyce facing the press outside his ‘modest’ house in Bolton. Of course, he later flew out of harm’s way to his Spanish holiday home.

It would take a miracle to happen and maybe it’s a pipe dream that is a bit fanciful and past its sell-by-date.

But if football continues to eat itself there is hope that our national game may one day come back to earth.


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