Jose Mourinho vs Diego Costa: Why there will only ever be one winner

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 02 December 2015, 11:13

Jose MourinhoSun reporter Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) takes a look at why there will only ever be one winner when a player clashes with Jose Mourinho.

JOSE MOURINHO laughs off a temper tantrum from Diego Costa triggering widespread speculating that The Special One is going soft.

Chelsea manager Mourinho demands so much from his players on the pitch, so why let childish Costa get away with chucking his bib at him in disgust for not getting on to play at Tottenham on Sunday?

Most managers will tell you that they don't earn their money when things are going well. But when things are going badly.

Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp will gladly tell you that to be a manager you have to be prepared to be called every disgusting name there is by all but 11 of your players every week.

It is why so many assistant managers never make the jump to become the main man. It is because they want to be liked.

If you want to be popular then management is not for you. Putting out the cones for training and geeing up the players with a laugh is your game.

Redknapp adds that when you pick a team for a match the 11 who start love you, the rest of the squad hates you.

They bitch behind your back to each other. They bitch behind your back to their wives, to their team-mates' wives.

If you can't deal with that, get a job that is more popular: traffic warden, tax collector, Sun reporter.

There is a reason that Mourinho chuckled when Costa chucked his toys out of his pram and his brightly coloured pink bib at his boss.

It is because Mourinho will have enjoyed every minute of watching Costa squirm. Mainly because the player has no argument.

He has scored only four goals this season compared to 11 for Chelsea by this time last year when he blasted his way into English football like a swarthy Spanish matador.

Being dropped is public humiliation for Costa. His pathetic attempt at revenge is nothing in comparison to what Mourinho has done to him.

Bruising a lb32 million player's ego is easy. It looks on the surface like it's a ploy to sting Costa into action.

Maybe it is but for those who know Mourinho, watch his teams regularly, study his body language and his verbal language, it is far more simple.

Mourinho demands utter commitment to the cause from his players. He has also dealt with the biggest egos in world football in his time as a coach.

A former schoolteacher, he knows psychology and knows how to deal with unruly kids.

There's nothing more infuriating for a wild-eyed schoolboy who wants attention to be dismissed with a little chuckle that tells him 'you're not getting to me'.

That is what Costa wants.

You can imagine that at times it is what the self-obsessed Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Inter and the poster boy Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid also wanted and they got short shrift too.

Costa is small fry compared to those two Prima Donnas.

Mourinho is also a master at at knowing when to strike. It doesn't take long but he picks his moment well.

Cast your mind back to Kevin de Bruyne. He fell out with Mourinho just a couple of weeks into the 2013/14 season when the pair fell out. It was October.

De Bruyne was gone within three months and has only found his way back to Manchester City via Wolfsburg in Germany.

Andre Schurrle returned to Chelsea a World Cup winner in the summer of 2014. He couldn't handle the pace of life at Stamford Bridge and was gone soon after too.

Despite Costa's worrying lack of goals this season Mourinho needs him around - for now.

But as soon as there is someone new on the horizon to take his place, and the names have already started leaking out, then Costa will be taken out.

Only one man is going to win this fight regardless of what people say about player power these days.

Mourinho cuts a slight figure in his thick soled shoes next to giant Costa - but it is actually a bigger mismatch than any in boxing.


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