Is Man Utd manager Jose Mourinho treated unfairly?

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 03 February 2017, 11:08

Feature writer Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) looks at whether Man Utd manager Jose Mourinho is being treated differently to the Premier League's other top gaffers.

IT HAS COST Jose Mourinho roughly £235,000 but it could well just turn out to be money well spent.

That is how much Manchester United’s rant-a-quote manager has paid in disciplinary fines in the 12 years or so he has been banging on about referees and being victimised.

Of course nobody has ever really taken the tempestuous Portuguese manager that seriously - until this week.

Up to now he has been derided as paranoid, petulant and downright pathetic with his whinging ways.

But his latest flip out, just 48 hours ago after a 0-0 draw at home to struggling Hull City finally has a ring of truth about it.

It was a frustrating result for Mourinho as his team lost ground on the top teams in the Premier League but he spoke of wider and more worrying issues than that.

In the past seven days two of his major rivals have been pretty much exonerated for two of the worst crimes a manager can commit.

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger manhandled fourth official Anthony Taylor during a match his team WON.

It’s an offence that should trigger an immediate stadium ban. How can pumped up players and supporters expected to show respect for referees and his assistants when one of the world’s leading managers won’t?

It wasn’t the first time he’s done it this season either - as fourth official Paul Tierney will testify after feeling Wenger’s hands on his person when Arsenal played Stoke - and won - back in November.

The case against Jurgen Klopp is somewhat different. He went eyeball-to-eyeball with official Neil Swarbrick on Tuesday in a heated top of the table match at home to Premier League leaders Chelsea.

Mr Swarbrick should have wiped the saliva off his face and been straight on the blower to his bosses at The FA and got Klopp hammered.

But instead the fawning official tells the irate German: "I like your passion".

What is Mourinho supposed to think?

He correctly points out that had it been him, an FA meatwagon would have been despatched from London immediately to his hotel in Manchester to drag him and his cheque book back to Wembley for a severe dressing down and a hefty fine no doubt.

Mourinho said:

“The rules for me are different. Today I was told to sit down or I would be sent to the stands.”

Mourinho is no saint. In fact he is probably English¬†football’s biggest sinner - but that shouldn’t mean that everyone else gets away with murder while he gets thrown in prison for jaywalking.

It’s the opposite effect of the bad kid in school being let off the hook every time while the good ones get clobbered for little misdemeanours.

While managing Chelsea, Mourinho told me that he keeps all his FA fines secret from his wife.

She never looked at his pay cheques and took so little interest in football that he could just about get away with it.

You can see why now as his crime sheet lengthens while the equally hotheaded Wenger and Klopp are invited to FA towers for cheese and wine.

All three managers can be heard regularly leading the calls for consistency from referees on the pitch.

Mourinho is only asking for the same thing off it when it comes to managerial discipline.


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