Make no mistake about it - Jurgen Klopp will be doing cartwheels if Everton beat Man City

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 05 February 2019, 16:14

Jurgen Klopp has banned Schadenfreude from Liverpool Football Club.

No, that is not the German manager pulling out of a transfer deal - it is the lofty position he has taken as the title race hots up.

For if he is to be believed, Klopp will not even feel a twinge of a wry smile should his main rival Manchester City slip up against Everton tomorrow.

He painted himself into a red corner last week on this issue by sneering at City defender Kyle Walker’s humorous comments after Liverpool dropped two points against Leicester.

So now should Liverpool’s woefully out of form city neighbours spring a surprise and put one over on City there is absolutely no chance of Klopp feeling an ounce of self-satisfaction.

It is one thing to adopt a sporting stance, quite another to try to kid everyone that you do not lower yourself to the levels of others in the cat-fight that is modern football.

In 1996 Kevin Keegan provided us with one of football’s immortalised moments when he went into impromptu meltdown live on TV with his famous ‘love it’ soliloquy.

A one-man rant about how much he wanted his Newcastle team to win and for his main rival Manchester United to crumble and lose.

It’s still talked about and at that moment in time Keegan, the heart-on-sleeve manager of Newcastle, spoke for the nation outside of Old Trafford and its environs.

He shot up in the estimations of the football public as all who watched on big screens in pubs up and down the land turned to each other open-mouthed and uttered : ‘Schadenfreude - did he really just say that?’

The big downfall of course was that Manchester United caught up with and eventually overtook unlikely challengers Newcastle and won the league. England was denied a fairytale ending with The Toon.

But if Klopp really expects to fall for his holier than thou sermon that it is wrong to laugh at another’s downfall then he is either naive or out of touch with his profession.

When that significant other is about to rip from your grasp the richest prize in the domestic game, to deny you and your fans the glory, the prestige and the accompanying wealth that goes with it, then anything goes.

Liverpool FC have never won the Premier League. They have not been English champions for 29 years.

Everybody at the club and its supporters will be doing cartwheels should Everton turn City over and help preserve Liverpool’s three-point lead at the top of the table.

A season which started so routinely with the top six chugging along according to form, there is now the ridiculous proposition of Manchester United fans cheering on Manchester City to stop their real rivals Liverpool from finally getting their hands on the title.

Liverpool will be cheering on Everton tomorrow. And later this month Manchester City will be rooting for United against Liverpool when the teams meet in the Premier League.

It’s all very convoluted but at the same time all very interesting as we have a real title race on our hands now.

Nobody minds if Klopp wants City to stumble, that’s professional sport, the winner takes all arena.

As former manager of Borussia Dortmund who won two Bundesliga titles from the shadows of Bayern Munich, he must have spent most weeks praying for Germany’s number one team to slip up.

Klopp is either being far more clever than we thought by taking the moral high ground, or else he is worryingly green despite his experience and that could end up a major factor if Liverpool do eventually fail.

And nobody would laugh if they did, would they?


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