Why the next Liverpool manager needs to get off to a flying start to life at Anfield

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 05 October 2015, 12:16

Jurgen KloppThe Sun's Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) looks at the two main candidates - Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti - in the running to replace Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool, and how the next Reds manager will be forced to put up with the club's dreaded transfer committee.

IT IS one thing telling Brendan Rodgers what to do but another matter entirely trying to dictate to a manager like Jurgen Klopp.

The religious and accomplished German is the favourite to succeed Rodgers at Liverpool and while the club insists the search is now only just getting 'underway' none of us really believe that.

Klopp is confident enough in his CV and in his own abilities to have left Borussia Dortmund at the end of last season for an extended holiday - no need to stay in the game in case his name fades from the limelight.

And he seems to have seen this coming as only last month the strong-minded former striker revealed his next job may not be at 'an absolute top club' - it's a perfect fit at Liverpool then.

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And just like Pep Guardiola before him who did the same after quitting Barcelona, Klopp is so self-assured that he can take a timeout without damaging his career prospects.

As a result when Liverpool knock on his door or as they probably already have done, he is in a position of huge strength.

Ailing giant of England seeks big name boss with reputation for rescuing teams: there is only one person in charge of that deal.

Rodgers had to toe the line and work with a dreaded transfer committee at Liverpool comprising a mixture of personalities from the club and from the owners, Fenway Sports Group.

Word is already leaking out of Anfield that whoever takes over from Rodgers, whether front runner Klopp or former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti, they will be required to do the same.

Carlo Ancelotti

The 'Gang of Four' consists of Liverpool chief scout Barry Hunter, chief executive Ian Ayre, FSG's Mike Edwards and 'recruitment specialist' Dave Fallows.

It will be interesting to see them sit down with Klopp or Ancelotti and try to take the upper hand with the transfer policy.

Klopp, 48, first managed at minnows Mainz and took them into the Bundesliga, Germany's Premier League, for the first time before being poached to take over at Borussia Dortmund.

He made history and shattered the stranglehold that mighty Bayern Munich held on German football by winning the title, setting a new highest points tally and took his team to the Champions League final.

Rodgers would have been easier to boss around. The Northern Irishman was given his first really big chance at Anfield.

For Klopp this is a step down from the imposing arena of the hugely impressive Westfalenstadion in the industrial north of Germany.

Ancelotti is seen as the second choice behind Klopp but again having left Real Madrid for nothing in particular at the end of last season has the confidence of age, wisdom and winning the FA Cup and Premier League double with Chelsea as his job reference.

What Liverpool need is a manager that can get stuck into the squad he inherits now when taking over from Rodgers.

There are another three months before the winter transfer window opens and by that time yet another season could have been written off if noone can turn things around sharpish.

Rodgers caused problems for himself by questioning publicly the decisions of the owners - a big no no if you're not winning games.

Liverpool is at a tipping point. It is now 25 years since the club last won the old Football League. The next generation of fans are growing up knowing them only as a B-list club to the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Manchester United and Arsenal.

The next manager needs to be a strong leader with impeccable ability and a robust character to steady a big ship listing dangerously.

And you get the impression that that can't be achieved by committee.


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