Wenger Safe Regardless Of Season Finish

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 06 May 2016, 09:11

Our resident Fleet Street contributor Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) picks the bones out of the fan unrest at Arsenal, with Arsene Wenger not set to leave the club any time soon...

SOME people will go to incredible lengths to get what they want.

Jose Mourinho hid in a laundry basket to get round a UEFA stadium ban, John Terry ran head first into a brick wall as a Chelsea apprentice to make senior players laugh and escape a brutal initiation.

But how far will fans go to get rid of a manager they don't want?

West Ham supporters hung banners on the garden gate at chairman David Sullivan's house to try to get unpopular boss Sam Allardyce the sack.

This weekend it is crunch time at Arsenal and for manager Arsene Wenger.

The opposition to him at the club is a minority but it is growing in numbers and volume and with protests at last weekend's home game against Norwich.

Victory at Manchester City on Sunday guarantees Champions League football for another season and Wenger will have delivered yet again.

Just as he has done every year since 1997.

Those Arsenal supporters who are calling for 'change' certainly won't get it if Wenger pulls it off once more.

The Frenchman has one season left on his contract and insists he will see it out no matter what the supporters think of him. In other words, he ain't walking away any time soon.

Yet if he can cement another traditional top four finish then neither is he going to get the sack.

The board of directors at the Emirates have been Arsenal's biggest mill stone with their limited ambitions and soporific attitude.

But chairman Sir Chips Keswick and directors Ken Friar and Stan Kroenke have also been their first team manager's biggest ally and have been savvy enough to realise keeping Wenger in place means stability and surety in a mad world.

No way will they sign his execution order if yet again the Arsenal coffers will tinkle to the sound of gold coins pouring in from UEFA again.

All of which brings us to the question of would the anti-Wenger Arsenal fans rather lose this weekend and go on to finish outside the top four in order to get what they want?

Would you be happy to see your team defeated for the point of principle? For a longer term aim?

It's no doubt a big debating point among Gunners fans as they ponder the remaining games of what has been yet another hugely frustrating season but one that fulfills the criteria of modern corporate football.

If you really want Wenger out Arsenal fans you have got to be ready to fall further to climb higher.


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