Garry Monk is unfairly paying the price for Swansea's stunning 2014/15 season

Andy Dillon by Andy Dillon / 08 December 2015, 21:34

Garry MonkIn his latest column The Sun's Andy Dillon (@andydillon70) looks at why Swansea would be mad to sack manager Garry Monk.

HUW JENKINS is spot on when he declares 'something needs to change' at Swansea City.

Yes, it is the chairman who requires a bit of brain surgery if he is even contemplating sacking manager Garry Monk.

Jenkins' deliberately weasel words yesterday were designed to turn the screw on his hardworking but struggling chief coach.

There is a big problem with footballing success in England these days - it tends to go to people's heads.

And now it is emerging that the worst thing Monk could have done is guide Swansea to a magnificent eighth place in last season's Premier League.

Monk may as well have signed his own death warrant.

Because now of course, everyone at Swansea, with the exception of the people who actually know a bit about football, think it should be happening every year.

Swansea massively overachieved last season to finish in the top eight - above West Ham, Everton, Newcastle, Sunderland and Aston Villa. All established big city clubs well established in the top flight of English football.

The last of those is a former European champion so for Swansea to beat them all in the toughest marathon in world football should be enough to give Monk considerable leeway when things turn sour.

And the irony should not be brushed over with the fact that the record transfer fee paid by Swansea stands at lb12 million for striker Wilfried Bony in 2013.

Less than two years later Swansea received their biggest transfer fee when they flogged him to Manchester City for two and a half times that - a whopping lb28m.

In between, Bony scored 13 goals last season as a mainstay of the club's remarkable achievement in embarrassing some of the biggest sides in the land.

Wonder why the team may be struggling at the moment?

The difficulty is that nowadays football club chairmen have loyalty only to the lb signs dazzling them with each preposterously overblown TV deal.

The latest one which kicks in next year is more than lb5.1 BILLION of them - a rise of 71 per cent on last time when this country is experiencing minus rates of inflation.

The old excuse used to be that it was the owner's money that was being wasted by hapless managers who had lost the plot.

With mind-boggling amounts of cash continually rolling into stadiums like the modern steel meccano set like The Liberty in South Wales it is no longer the case.

But with increased money comes increased fear and few clubs are prepared to stick by the people that got them where they are now - still sitting among if rather on the edge of the top 20 clubs in the richest league in the world by far.

Monk has a reputation for honest, hard work. He selflessly admits that the responsibility for Swansea's run of one win since September 12 is solely down to him when we all really know that it is the players who are letting him down.

Jenkins should remember that his club is a small club, rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest players in the global game and remember his place and stick by Monk through thin times.

Incidentally Swansea's place is 15th in The Premier League and they are just one point below Chelsea, who won the title last season and are in the middle of their worst run ever in the modern game.

Yet their boss Jose Mourinho has had a keynote message of support from owner Roman Abramovich.

If Jenkins is so desperate to keep company with the likes of Chelsea he should do the same.


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